What percentage of users really get WebGL and hardware acceleration?

The graphs below show the evolution over time of the percentage of users who really get WebGL and hardware acceleration.

The main reason why a user might not get these features is driver blacklisting. Another possible reason is insufficient hardware.

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General results over all operating systems

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Windows results over all Windows versions

Windows 8.1 results

Windows 8.0 results

Windows 7 results

Windows Vista results

Windows XP results

Mac OS X results

Linux (GNU) results

Android results

Percentage of sessions where WebGL context creation was attempted

OS Market share among Firefox crashers

Number of crash reports each day


Crash reports contain information about which graphics features have been attempted, and which ones successfully initialized. This is true even if the crash itself has nothing to do with graphics features.

By analyzing these crash reports, we determine, among all crash reports sent on a given day, the number of crash reports reporting that a graphics feature had been attempted, and the number of crash reports where it had successfully initialized. The ratio between these two values is what is shown below as "success rate" percentage.

Obviously, getting this data from crash reports biases the results to a certain extent. Graphics features might be correlated with crashiness, for example, although crash-stats suggests that's not too marked.