Text Orientation and OpenType font features

This table demonstrates how individual codepoints render with either the vrt2 or vert OpenType features enabled in the case of Firefox 4 and above, or how it renders with a vertical writing mode enabled in Microsoft Internet Explorer or in Webkit Nightly. Chrome rendering of vertical text is wonked and Opera 11 renders this page with all blanks for BMP codepoints (DSK-343341).

The table uses four fonts, Hiragino Mincho (OSX system font), Kozuka Mincho (Adobe font), Meiryo (Windows system font) and MS Gothic (Windows system font). The set of codepoints used is the union of codepoints supported by the first three fonts. Only MS Gothic lacks support for the vrt2 and vert features. If a font lacks a glyph for a given character, no character is drawn. Webkit Nightly appears to have a bug such that it does not properly render non-BMP Unicode codepoints in vertical writing modes.

Unicode database values are shown for each character: the East Asian Width, General Category and Script. The Webkit and IE9 columns list how a given character renders in Webkit Nightly and IE9. The value 'upright*' implies the browser renders the character upright using the 'vert' alternate, but this is a guess based on which codepoints appear to have a 'vert' alternate glyph; it's hard to distinguish between the rotated version and the 'vert' alternate in many cases.

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